First Two Weeks at PBS!

I have spent the last two weeks becoming familiar with how things work at the Prague British School (PBS). I spent the first week getting to know the students in Year 4 and the teachers I will be working with throughout my placement. There are two Year 4 classes, one taught by Darren Brady (my cooperating teacher) and the other taught by Hannah Woodhead. Each class has only nine students, so we combine throughout the day for various activities. Below are pictures of the Year 4 classroom I will be working in! IMG_2938    IMG_2939   IMG_2941    IMG_2947 During my second week, I stayed with my Year 4 students for math and guided reading. I took the opportunity to spend time in various other classrooms to gain a better understanding of the school as a whole. The school starts at the Foundation Stage (3-5 year olds) and then goes from Year 1 (which would be like Kindergarten) through Year 6 (which would be like 5th Grade). All of the classroom teachers welcomed me into their classrooms and were helpful if I had any questions. The students at PBS come from a variety of nationalities, 58 are represented within the school. Most of the students do not speak English at home and have learned English as a second or third language. Many of the students have been attending PBS since they started school and are proficient in speaking and writing English and others have only recently started and know very little English. They have learning support staff and teacher assistants to work with these students and help them improve their understanding of the English language. It amazes me how the students are able to switch what language they are speaking so quickly depending on their environment. The students are all required to take Czech classes during the week because of the school’s location in the Czech Republic. There is a Czech class for Czech students and a different class for non-Czech students. I have been able to sit in on the non-Czech classes in attempt to pick up on some of the language! The school follows the International Primary Curriculum and the classroom teacher is responsible for planning Math, English, and IPC. The theme for IPC changes throughout the school year and teachers plan various lessons and activities related to the current theme to meet Science and Social Studies standards. Our current IPC theme in Year 4 is, Explorers. We will be taking the students on a camping trip in May, so many of the lessons/activities have been focused on reading maps, and survival skills. As a school-wide behavior management plan, the school offers golden time every Friday. Golden time is for 30 minutes at the end of the day and teachers offer various activities like art, science experiments, music, and outdoor games for students to sign up for. To keep their golden time, students must follow the Golden Rules (pictured below). Each classroom has a different way to keep track of golden time; our class uses a fruit tree (pictured below). IMG_2944                IMG_2945 Overall, I am excited to take on more responsibility within my role as a student teacher and get more involved with the school community. I think that PBS will be a great place for me to learn and I can tell I will gain a lot of knowledge and positive experiences being here.


2 thoughts on “First Two Weeks at PBS!

  1. Andrea,

    As I look at your photos, hear about your class sizes and read over your description of the IPC I can’t help but pine for the days I spent in the international school circuit. It truly is a great way to educate children and create one of the more stimulating and rich environments in K-12 education. Can you tell I am jealous? 🙂

    I will look forward to hearing more about the differences in the curriculum in the way it challenges students at that level. I know it’s coming in Blog Post #3. Does the PBS have the IB program at the high school? IB= International Baccalaureate.

  2. Andrea,
    It sounds like it has been an invaluable experience thus far. I am curious, are you spending your entire placement in Year 4? What aspects of the curriculum will you be teaching-or are you going to be taking over Maths, English and IPC? Are all of the classes that size with only nine students? I think that must be quite a nice change, especially since you will really get to know each student very well, and will have a great time catering to their learning styles and needs! I think it’s so cool that Year 4 got to go on a camping trip that was aligned with the theme of explorers! Do they get to go on excursions like that for each theme? I cant wait to hear more about it! 🙂

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