My First Four Weeks Down Under!

My first four weeks in the country of New Zealand have seemed to have flown by. I am enjoying the school and people that I work with very much. I am with new entry students at Epuni Primary School. There are many amazing aspects to this school. The most prominent aspect of this school is the community garden that is about one acre in the back of the school. The students and parents are able to get involved in the growing/tending of the garden. This is teaching those that get involved with the project how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The Common Unity Project is the project through the school whose mission is to teach families the skills and leadership needed to grow food. The school is also very artistically expressive. Children are able to explore their artistic abilities in music, dance, knitting, art activities etc. I am very impressed with the school I am at and am very glad that I have been placed here. </p><p>I have been able to explore the Wellington area on the few weekends that I have been here. I went to a Festival of Education my first weekend in the country which was held in the city and was very neat to experience. The second weekend, I went with two other student teachers from the United States to Taupo. I was able to bungy jump and visit the Huka Falls during the trip. I have also checked out Te Papa, which is the national museum of New Zealand and a fine art gallery. I have learned quite a bit about the culture through the people I am around, including my amazing house mum would shares her knowledge with me and involves me in almost every aspect of her life. In my opinion, he most amazing part about the New Zealand culture is the indigenous Maori culture. The Maori culture can be found just about anywhere and is greatly respected in the area where I am at. I have picked up a few common phrases and learned a bit about the history of the Maori people these past four weeks. I cannot wait to learn more and explore this amazing country. In fact, I am leaving tomorrow for the South Island on a stray bus tour (Willy Pass) for the term break. During this time I will get to explore many of the great scenary and lovely cities even further down under! I will be sure to blog about my adventures when I return and include pictures 🙂 Till next time…Cheers!


One thought on “My First Four Weeks Down Under!

  1. Lauren,

    The post is posted! Glad to know you were able to figure out the blog.

    It appears you are acclimating well to your new home and enjoying the differences in culture and school. Great to know you are getting opportunities to travel and see more of that beautiful country.

    I’d like you to focus now on the key points I pose in the Seminar Expectations document. I want to know more about the school, curriculum, pedagogy, etc. For the next blogs put your attention into the academic side of your experience. You certainly can interject info about your travels and home stay too.

    Looking forward to reading more and more.

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