It Is Not Good-Bye, But See You Later Cameroon!

My time in Cameroon has come to an end. I have been home for a little over a week, and I have had time to really take in my whole experience in Cameroon. I know I will NEVER understand the full impact this experience had on my life because it has truly changed me completely as a person.

I was allowed to grow more in these past 11 weeks than I ever could have imagined. There was stress, tears, laughs, hugs, and struggles. However, I was able to take the good with the bad and came out a much stronger person than I was when I started this journey.

The school I was in took me in like one of their own. They told me to Americanize my classroom. I put all of my effort into making my classroom everything I wanted it to be, and I was able to succeed. Through hard work and creativity with the resources that were available to me, I was able to create classroom management systems, reward systems, a word wall, a calendar, daily morning meetings, and other useful posters to hang on the walls. I saw drastic improvement in some of my lowest students.

I realized that a little encouragement means the world to students who are never encouraged.

I realized the importance of a safe classroom environment.

I realized classrooms can still function without computers!

I realized technology isn’t necessary in classrooms, although it makes things easier.

I realized that I learn just as much if not more from my students than my students learn from me.

I realized that I could be in the dirtiest classroom, but if the teacher and the students are able to create a good learning environment, learning will still take place.

I realized that hard work from the teacher and the students truly pays off.

I realized that school has to be fun, otherwise the students won’t be motivated to learn.

My list of realizations is never ending. I can’t believe my time in Cameroon is over. Although it was a challenging experience, I loved every minute of it. I will return to Cameroon someday! I did not say good-bye to Cameroon, but rather see you later!


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