Government Funding and Full Inclusion

During my travels overseas and experiences in the Victorian schools I have learned about which schools receive government funding as well as who may attend which schools. During my two placements in Victoria, Australia. I have also learned and experienced their views and practices of regarding full inclusion.

All schools public and private are provided with government funding. Each school is given and allowance which correlates with the schools student enrollment total. When choosing a school they parent may chose any. This is very different than the United States. In the United States all schools are broken down into districts and students must go to the school which is located in their zip code. In Australia a parent may choose any school, but the government will only provide busing in certain areas so the parent must find alternative transportation if the child lives out of area. Many of the students that attend Trafalgar Primary or Trafalgar High come by train. Many of our students come from surrounding towns such as Moe, Morewall, Warigal or New Borough. Trafalgar High has an accelerated program and has a very good reputation in the community to provide great education to those would live in poorer communities. I feel that Australia has created a create opportunity for every student, child and parent to receive and equal education. By allowing every individual to choose where they are educated gives the community members power. 

During my experiences student teaching in Australia I was also able to learn about the countries approach to full inclusion in public and private schools. I was also given the opportunity to speak with individuals would explained the country’s approach regarding with special schools. 

Australia practices full inclusion is all of its schools but this inclusion differs from the approach found in the United States. Australian schools not only have public and privates schools but also provide special schools for those who quality. These schools are also governmentally funded and are specially designed for special needs students. Classes are composed of 5-6 students and organized according to ability level and social skill level. Students and teachers work together to improve all aspects of the students such as academics, social skills and becoming independent individual. 

I feel that be creating special schools which are governmentally funded Australia is giving their community members with special needs and greater opportunity to become independant adults. That can live life fully. 

Reflecting on Australia’s government funding of all schools and approach to full inclusion. I feel that the United States would benefit from this approach if it were to be implemented in our country. More students would have greater opportunities available to them and the educational system would flourish. 


One thought on “Government Funding and Full Inclusion

  1. Tina, In Wisconsin we have “school choice” too. Parents can choose to send their children outside of their designated region but have to pay for transport.

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