Curriculm and School Standards

The Australia public school systems all follow the same set of standards changing to a National wide curriculm. This is known as AUSVELS (Australian Victorian Education Learning Standards. Unfortanely the standards for art education are still being created. During my time at Trafalgar Primary and Secondary I have been implementing and teaching according to the Wisconsin State standards. The magority of my lessons teach essential art concepts and elements of design, art history and how to use art tools. At year 12 VCE (Victorian Ceritficate of Education) is implimented this is a state wide exam designed for all year 12 students. These exams are standardized and students have reviewed previous exams to prepare for their final assessment. I found this aspect particularly interesting because the exams were fairly simular the layout and informational concentend as my praxis exam. Due to Australia’s current change is curriculm the arts is still a working document which hopes to be finalized in early 2014.


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