Reflections on BSN

I only have three more days of being in my placement before flying back home. I wanted to reflect on how this placement has been for me. This placement was much more work then what I expected. Likewise, I didn’t think that I would learn or grow as much as I have throughout my placement and feel so ready to be a teacher. My cooperating teacher set high expectations for me in the beginning and to be honest, I didn’t know if I could meet them. I started teaching three classes from my first day of my placement. I had no time to really breathe or take a step back until I was about halfway through with my placement and was in routine. I am thankful for how high his expectations were for me. Without them so high I don’t know if I would have put forth as much effort or gained so much knowledge throughout my stay. I feel truly blessed to have worked with such a wonderful group of students. It was the best class and still the best class I could ask for I think in my life of teaching. All students were hard workers and eager to please. It was such a pleasure to be their teacher and mentor. As I am drawing down to my last few days working with my class I am beginning to grow melancholy of myself leaving BSN. I love my kids and my classroom but at the same time I am excited to get home to see friends, family and continue my special education placement where I left off back home. This has been the best experience I could have asked for in student teaching and am happy to say I have passed and feel ready for the next step.


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