Checking up, Checking in

Dear International Student Teachers:

I have succeeded in reviewing all of the blog postings as of this afternoon.  I appreciate your patience with my efforts.  I officially will begin back at the OFE on Monday December 9.  Will begin tackling the 400 emails tomorrow.

In response to an email from one of you, I would like to comment:

  • the EAST evaluations will be accepted as your permanent file evaluations for your international experiences.  The COEHS evaluation forms are not used by your mentors there.  
  • remember I emphasized that you need to walk away with your cooperating teacher’s final narrative in hand.  EAST provides them with the form – which is usually “European-sized” paper!  
  • If your EAST supervisor has his/her evaluation ready for you bring it along too.  These I can usually obtain from the EAST office if necessary.  
  • I will expect you to fill out a self evaluation using the form we have at UWO.  That will be required at our debriefing.  I hope to have this meeting during the second week of January.  TBA.  We may have to do this in two sessions after your school days.  
  • Most of you have submitted 3 blog posts.  SOOO interesting.     If not please take care of that.
  • Two comments to peers’ blogs are needed.  
  • Your final compare/contrast essay will be due at the debriefing.  

I look forward to meeting and greeting you back in the great state of Wisconsin.  Safe travels.  Start planning your visit back.   🙂  


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