Connecting Students Cross Culturally:

Student teaching internationally has been a great experience thus far and has allowed me to understand Australia’s school and community culture. I want to introduce a project to high school students in Australia and to my High school students in Wisconsin that would give then the opportunity to meet and collaborate with one another. Here is the idea I came up with: Artist Trading Cards. This would give students at opposite ends of the globe to interact and communicate with one another. It would give them the chance to learn about one another and show their drawing skills. This also gave students a chance to have an art object made for them from a student their age.
Students created artist trading cards that demonstrated their understanding of foreshortening, and color to create a miniature work of art that represented themselves. Students learned how to correctly draw foreshortening as well as the meanings behind color. Twelfth graders from Wisconsin created these works to trade with the eleventh graders in Australia. Students added characteristics which described themselves to the back of the cards as well as contact info if desired. Check them out the finish works look quite amazing!

Grade 12, Wisconsin Student. Student chose the words Musical and Thoughtful to present in her trading card

Grade 12, Wisconsin Student. Student chose the words Musical and Thoughtful to present in her trading card

Grade 12

Grade 12, Wisconsin Student Work

Final Pieces

Grade 12 Wisconsin Student Work

Work in Progress

Grade 11, Trafalgar, Australia

Grade 12, Trafalgar, Australia

Grade 12, Trafalgar, Australia


Final Pieces Grade 12 Trafalgar, Australia Students Work


4 thoughts on “Connecting Students Cross Culturally:

  1. This is a wonderful idea! Brilliant in fact. There are so many students around the world who will never get a chance to travel so you are giving them an opportunity to at least make a connection in another part of the world. The pictures of their artwork are incredible. Will you/have you sent that stuff in the mail or will you take it when you go back? I really like how you were able to create this connection through one of your own passions as well as giving the students a meaningful opportunity to create art. I’m going to totally keep this idea in mind!

  2. I plan on keeping their artwork in my suitcase and delivering the pieces to the Wisconsin Students. Each student created magnificent pieces and I would hate if they were lost or destroyed in the mail. By personally delivering the trading cards I can also share my experieces I had with the Trafalgar High School students and share with the Neenah Students some of the things I learned in Australia.

  3. Tina,
    This is the type of project that is touted by me to demonstrate the value to ALL students with whom you as an international student teacher interact. This is a superb example of using your “split placement” state side to everyone’s advantage. Kudos! And I am so impressed with the quality of the work.

    • Thanks! The students have been so excited about their artist trading cards and have put a great deal of work and effort into them! We are just finishing up our International Postcard trade at the primary school and I will be posting some of those later this week!

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