The Beginning

IMG_0755Hi! My name is Trisha Smithers.  I am an elementary education major (PK-8) with a math minor.  I am student teaching abroad in Australia for 10 weeks.  I am in a 5/6 grade classroom in Newbourogh, Victoria, AU.  I am originally from Racine, Wi and this is the first big independent trip I have gone on.  In May I did have the opportunity to study abroad with a group and two professors to China.  There I was able to visit schools of all ages and even teach a lesson in an English taught High School.  It was amazing to see another education perspective and I am so excited to see even another one.  This is going to be a wonderful experience!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Its great to see you enjoyed your trip so much! Sorry if we seemed aggressive or something but we weren`t sure how to take this at first. We were thinking that you didn`t enjoy your stay in Australia! It`s good to hear that it was nothing like that. I looked at your tumblr page and I see you enjoy it here very much.
    If you do come to Australia again, you should pay a visit to Newborough. Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

    • Ms Smithers applied to student teach in Australia to gain new insights into the world of teaching and education in general in a different country. Very few of my student teachers take on that challenge and expense and effort to go overseas to complete their education degree. I know Ms. Smithers loved her experience at the school and enjoyed very much the students and staff.
      I require all international student teachers to compare and contrast their experiences by way of an essay/blog. I ask them to be critical of both systems. She did this well with a reflective eye and thoughtful mind. Naturally both systems have their positives and negatives; it is all part of learning to value and embrace both systems and become a better teacher. I hope Trisha has an opportunity to return to your wonderful country and school.
      All the best.
      MaryBeth Petesch, Director, Office of Field Experiences, UW Oshkosh Wisconsin, USA

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