Lindsay Hermsen


Hello! My name is Lindsay Hermsen. I was born in raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, therefore I am a HUGE Packer fan. I am currently in my 9th semester at UW-Oshkosh pursuing a degree in Elementary Education (preK-6). This semester I am student teaching in a 2nd grade classroom at Washington Elementary. The classroom is a SAGE classroom, so we only have 17 students which allows for a great amount of one-on-one instruction. I have loved every moment of it. Next week I will be heading “down under” to Australia for 10 weeks student teaching abroad. I will be in a 8-11 year old classroom at Newborough Primary School. Primary school is the Australian name for our elementary school.

Traveling is something that my family and I have been doing ever since I was born. It is amazing to be a part of another culture and helps me to appreciate my own that much more. I cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead. With that being said, LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!


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