2013 / Chile

Jacqueline Charapata


My name is Jacqueline Charapata and I am currently preparing to student teach at the Mackay School in Renaca, Chile for 10 weeks. I plan to graduate this may with a major in Elementary Education (1-8) with minors in Language Arts and Spanish.

I am from a small town about two hours north of Oshkosh. As a child I grew up on a dairy farm in Crivitz, Wisconsin. Growing up I remember spending a lot of time with my 3 siblings and playing with all my pets on the farm.

Living abroad has always been a strong desire of mine. I have a true passion for learning about diverse cultures. In fact, this past summer took part in an undergraduate research project, “Establishing Critical Thinking and Multicultural Education in Rural Wisconsin Elementary Schools.” I believe teachers need to take the time to learn about all cultures in order to truly understand the variety of learning styles in their classroom. Moreover, students need to feel safe and respected in their classroom community at all times. Student teaching abroad is going to be a life changing, exciting, and challenging experience. I am literally counting down the days until I leave! I can’t want to be infused into a completely different culture.


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