2012 / Ireland

Almost Slan in Ireland…

Hello everyone,
At this point I only have one more week of teaching left and ten days of living in Ireland left. It is quite a bittersweet feeling. As much as I am excited to go home I am sad to leave the students that I got to spend so much time with and learn so much from over the past 10 weeks.
My school taught me that even though I am graduating, I still have much to learn. I have realized that teaching truly is a lifelong learning profession and everyday you have the opportunity to learn something new. I really saw this in through the behavior management that I thought I knew about. I was very confident about this but my students soon proved me wrong. No matter how big my bag of tricks they were still chatty, disruptive and disrespectful at times. It’s not that they are bad kids at all, they are great! They just have so much personality that they did not ever know when the needed to turn it off. Because of this, they really showed me that there is something new that I can learn, implement and either fail or succeed at every day.
I have done and seen so many things in my time here. During the week I was able to spent time with great colleagues and work with a pretty funny and chatty group of boys. While they may have testes my behavior management skills, they did not realize that they were teaching me new things every day. On the weekends I was able to explore Ireland and do some amazing things. Ever since I got here I was on the go and took advantage of every minute I had free. I have learned so much from my placement in Ireland and grown as a professional throughout my time here. Not only that, I was able to grow as an individual; grow more independent and gain experiences that I will never regret. I was able to see a new place every Saturday and Sunday that was rich in culture and history here.
Even though I will miss my students and colleagues here, I am excited to go home and share my experience with my other placement of students. We will also be doing pen pals with my students in Ireland which will be so much fun for both the sets of students and I will be able to tear up when I read letters from my students here to my students back home.
This has been the greatest opportunity of my life and I am glad, even though I was hesitant at first, that I went through with it and traveled across the world to a cold rainy island. It is the best cold and rainy island that I could have ever imagined full of culture and history that just drags you right in! I will definitely be returning with friends and family in the future to share with them the wonders and experiences that I got to have.
Slàinte and Slán!!
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