2012 / Ecuador

7 weeks in Ecuador

I can not believe I have been in Ecuador for a little over 7 weeks!  I has flown by!  I only have 4 more weeks of teaching.  I have not only made big strides in the school but also in the community.  For example, I know how to take public transportation and get to various locations on my own.  My spanish is improving which is helping me to communicate and be more independent.

Last Wednesday, I taught a full day.  It consisted of five lessons (literacy, numeracy, art, and two topic lessons).  On Wednesday, I was also supervised by both of my supervisors for the whole day.  At first, it was intimidating.  As the day went on, I realized two other sets of hands were a huge help.  I realized how great it is to teach a full day but also how exhausting it is!

The culture is quite interesting.  I am getting to know and understand the Ecuadorian culture quite well.  The school’s culture is similar but also very different at the same time.  The student’s come from many different cultures since this is an international school.  There are some students from different areas of the world that have taken on the Ecuadorian culture as their primary culture.  There are other students that kept their culture.  The school is like a melting pot because of the various cultures.  I think it is quite interesting and I am trying to learn and understand each one.  When teaching, I have to remember that each student is different and they have many different cultures that I have to take into consideration.  I can not assume that all of the students will know a certain subject because each of them have a different background.  I think this is great because I need to take that into account when I am teaching back in America.

The next four weeks will go by fast so I am taking in everything that I can and enjoying the rest of my time here!Image


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