2012 / Ecuador

Student Teaching in Quito, Ecuador

Hello, my name is Julia van Veldhuisen.  I am an Elementary and Special Education Major at UWO.  I am currently living and student teaching in Quito, Ecuador.  I am student teaching at The British School Quito in Year 1.  Year 1 students are 5 years old.  There are 23 students in the class.  The majority of the teachers at the school are from England.  They use the British Curriculum.  I have just completed my first week of student teaching at the school and it is amazing!  I am learning the curriculum pretty quickly.  It is quite similar to what is taught in America.

The biggest challenge is that the students English is poor.  They are only 5 years old so they are still learning English.  Sometimes they want to answer but do not know the English words.  In that case my teacher or the teaching assistant translates for them.  I am making a big effort to improve my Spanish so I can communicate and more effectively teach the students.  I want the students to be able to come up to me with any concerns or questions and be able to help them out.

Altogether, my experience has been amazing so far.  Everyone is very helpful and welcoming.  I am excited to continue my student teaching and experience more of the culture of Ecuador!  I will post pictures as I start to take them.




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