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Final Reflections

I can’t believe that my time here is already coming to an end! It feels like just yesterday I was packing up my bags in Oshkosh and now I’m starting to pack up my bags here. One of the biggest challenges for me was to make the switch from my early childhood special education placement, … Continue reading


Carly’s last posting 6/17/15

Carly Vanden Heuvel MaryBeth Petesch EAST Student Teaching Seminar 11 June 2015 Blog Post 4: Challenge and Surprises in Northern England With little more than a week left teaching here at Hymers College in Kingston Upon Hull, I am constantly remarking about how quickly this time has gone.  Packing my bags to come to England, … Continue reading


Hocus Pocus Magic!

The curriculum here is very similar to those found in America by having focuses on reading, writing, and maths. The biggest differences are that instead of having science, they call it Inquiry, which starts out being guided by the teacher in order to build background knowledge, but the final project is student led in the … Continue reading